Some of Connie Cain Ramsey's Bipartisan Endorsers:


Pat Robins and Lisa Schamberg “We are enthusiastically supporting Connie for re-election as Assistant Judge. She is very knowledgeable about the work of the court and a valuable historian of the track of jurisprudence in Chittenden County! She works hard at the job and is always courteous to those who appear before the court. “  

Hon. Susan Fowler (Ret.)

Hon. Peter Clavelle and Betsy Ferries

Dr. Jack and Suzanne Murray

Seth Zimmerman

Gordon Peterson

Kurt Wright “I absolutely support Connie Cain Ramsey for Assistant Judge.  While she is a Democrat and I am a Republican, that does not matter. I think she is the best candidate. I will be urging other Republicans to vote for her in the General election on November 6th.”

Paul Lafayette

Jeff Davis

Peter and Tia Trottier

Nancy Moran Boardman

Steve Hadeka and Maggie Bombard

Karen Paul

Adam Roof

Dan Gamelin

Sheriff Kevin McLaughlin

John Taggart

Arty and Judy LaVigne

Lauritz Larsen "Please vote for Connie Cain Ramsey for assistant judge on November 6th. She is a considerate, fair-minded person who understands the issues before the court system. I urge you to support her bid for assistant judge. Thank you."

Bonnie Ferro and John Draper

Hon. Liz and Hank Gretkowski (Ret.)

Dave, Jim and Sheila Hartnett

Timothy Wesley O'Brien

Geri Reilly & Mike Simoneau

Betsy Cain

Brian Hehir

Michael Major

Rolf and Ruth Meserole

Jack and Eileen Fontaine

Brian and Chelsea Sweeney

Kate Pond and Fred Stetson “Connie is thoughtful and compassionate, has community experience, good sense and brings balance to Family Court.  She also has the business experience necessary for the administrative side of the position. Please join us in voting for Connie for Assistant Judge in the General election on November 6th.”

Donna Rock

Coach Tom and Lynn Brennan

Sister Virginia Cain

Hon. Francis and Mary Jane Cain

John Leddy and Louise Thabault

Kesha Ram "When I assisted victims of domestic violence seeking a protection order, Connie was always a warm, listening presence in a difficult time. Please join me in voting her for Assistant Judge - she deserves our support."

Paul & Carol Ode

Andrea Gray

Drs. Andy Kaplan and Natalie Feldman

Will and Luke Clavelle

Melissa LaFayette and Andy Thompson "Connie is uniquely qualified for this position, her Dad was a judge, and she comes from a large Chittenden County family that has been an integral part of this community. Connie would continue to be a great person to represent the common Vermonter; She is the perfect mix of integrity, commitment and practicality. “

Ashley Sullivan and Bob Dempsey

Cathy Newton-, Sean and Caroline Quinn

Timothy and Laurie Paquette McCrea

Matt Western

Erica and Greg Danford

Alex, Elizabeth and Isabelle Halpern

Len and Joni Whitehouse

Polly and Chad Mangan

Bob and Sydnee Boyd “Connie, the daughter of longtime Vermont Judge L. John Cain, comes from a large family known for their grassroots commitment to the Chittenden County Community.  Connie’s mix of integrity, practicality and commitment to the common Vermonter makes her the perfect candidate to put ‘local knowledge and common sense on the bench’. We urge the citizens of Chittenden County to vote for Connie for Assistant Judge on November 6th.

Joanna Guyette

Susan Squier

Dan and Stephanie Mangan

Barb and Glen Cousins

Vicky Porter

Ted and Betsy Nelson

Russell and Nancy Ellis “Connie’s involvement in our neighborhood, school and local community reveal the interests and skills that are crucial for representing us, the public, in the role of Assistant Judge where she assists the Presiding Judge by weighing in on matters of fact.  Furthermore, as a small business owner for many years, Connie has proven that she can make and follow a budget and handle the complexities of business administration. We are confident that Connie will continue to be an excellent Assistant Judge and we encourage you to support her in the up-coming General election.”

Chris Dubin

Bill, Pat & Ramsey Blohm

Jeff and Kristi Lyon

Jeremy Raymond

John and Louise Stimets

Hon. Karen Bradley "Assistant Judge Ramsey consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty for the people of Chittenden County. She is honest, fair, knowledgeable, and a valuable liaison between the court and the people."”

Jordan Meserole

Jackie Shultz

Dr. James & Michele` O'Brien

Ron & Aleta Sweeney

Kathy O'Brien

Karyn Lewis

Dr. Randall & Mary Jo Miller

Robin Critchlow Bordeau

Mark & Connie Guyette

Bryan and Kelly Bessery

Charles & Alicia White

Doug & Kerry Pierson

Carmela Monaco

Veronica Nardone

* Please note that if any of these supporters came before me I would recuse myself.